Young Business Sales Consulting

We are your partners and wingman when it comes to sales strategy and process improvement. Through active implementation of a streamlined and efficient sales strategy and processes you can grow your revenue. Most leaders feel there is huge untapped revenue growth potential in their sales organization. We will help you uncover your greatest opportunities for growth and provide you with a roadmap to get there.

With us on your side you will:

  • Identify current strengths and points of improvement across your sales agent
  • Discover the best new and existing avenues for sales performance enhancement
  • Put a step-by-step Sales Growth Plan in place to implement improvements quickly and effectively
Zentipe Strong by your side

Helping you grow your Sales

We uncover the areas of greatest opportunity for sales growth at your company and provide a plan of action for you to realize these opportunities. With your step-by-step improvement plan, you can apply necessary actions with confidence, knowing you are focusing on the areas that will have the greatest impact.

Our Process addresses specific tasks:

  • How can the sales organization profit from having processes digitalized and automated in the long term?
  • How can the sales processes be handled efficient and error free?
  • Where is the potential for product and business-plan innovation hand how can we improve the go-to market plan for the future?
  • How can the sales and marketing departments more effectively be coordinated?
  • How can the product, the organization and the company culture be aimed at customer satisfaction in a precise and sustainable way?

Through our expertise and outside perspective we can help you find the right way to improve your sales strategy and processes and thus grow your revenue

Young Business Sales Execution Services

With us as your sales partner you can benefit from our sales execution services on demand. By using our effective and professional sales capacities you can focus your business and creating more value. This way you can strengthen your business model and get the competitive edge in your market.

Our Sales Execution Services allow us to provide you with active support in the market and to integrate ourselves within your operational sales activities in accordance to your needs.

The Sales Execution Services are flexible and can be adapted to your individual and your business model. Transparent and efficient processes and clear communication allow you to see and control all sales activities at all times, which is an important base for joint success. Together we can find clearly defined terms for the Sales Execution Services, fitting to your needs.


Before founding your own company we will support you with:

  • funding the pre startup phase
  • business concept and business strategy
  • business model generation
  • positioning and marketing strategy
  • sales strategy and channels
  • financial planning

If you have already founded your company we will support you with acceleration to the next growth level with:

  • our expertise and investment as business angel or business partner
  • our wide network of business angels and investors
  • raising attention about your company with well-fitting other business angels or financial institutions
  • providing financial consulting to optimize your next financial round

If you are an already established subject-matter expert we can offer our support with:

  • participation in the conceptual design
  • finding external growth or redesign funding
  • conceptual redesign, second opinions on business concepts
  • finding external sales channels and partners

What are we looking for?

We are looking for entrepreneurs, startups and SME companies in the fields of:

Financial Technologies

Biology and nutrition

Health care and med tech

Livestyle Products

Technical industry and automation

Cloud computing


Mobile business


Software development

Information technologies


and all possible wild and unthinkable combinations of the above


Lean Support Process:

We usually respond very quickly to your first approach. You should not wait for an investor’s response and immediately give you a quick indication whether your company or business idea is in our focus or not.

If so, we want you to send us a lean canvas (see Ash Maurya) and interesting information about the team and the business you want to launch before the first meeting.

In our first one hour meeting, we ask prepared questions based on your information and our problem domain specific know-how. As an investor we want to add value from the beginning.

If we like you and the performance of the meeting we specify next steps and let you know promptly after this first discussion if and how we want to move forward.

We support you to improve your company based on a lean innovative method.


Who will be working with you:

Janek Günther

Studied in Law and CEO of Zentipe Innovation.

Rudolf Günther
Founder & Owner
Successful entrepreneur in software development and owner of Zentipe Innovation

Maximilian Günther
Technical Advisor
Studied in Biology and Bio-Informatics and Technical Advisor of Zentipe Innovation


Founded in 2015 Zentipe Innovation is an investment company specialized in supporting young start-up companies in Germany and Switzerland. We are looking for young and innovative entrepreneurs to make the next step in technology that promises an improvement in our society  and/or the environment.

As a family owned company we serve a greater purpose than making money, we all share the desire to help develop and shape a better future for everybody.

We are looking to find the next technology, the next idea that can bring our society a step forward in finding a sustainable way of life in the future. We believe in progress through future technologies. We want to support bright and innovative young entrepreneurs. With years of experience in management and company development we can help your company to find the success it deserves.

Things can and will still be improved in the future. We want to be part of the future.

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