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Our Focus

We support early stage businesses in various industries with funding, know-how, expertise and networking.
We are the partner for young entrepreneurs in the early stages of development.

Health Care and Medtech

Biology and nutrition

Cloud computing

Information technologies


Mobile Business



Technical industry and automation

Life Style Products

Software Development

all possible wild and unthinkable combinations of the above

About us

Founded in 2014 Zentipe Innovation is an investment company, which is specialized in supporting young startup companies in Germany and Switzerland. We are looking for young and innovative entrepreneurs to make the next step in technology that promises an improvement in our society and/or the environment. As a family owned company we serve a greater purpose than making money. We all share the desire to help develop and shape a better future for everybody. We are looking to find the next technology, the next idea that can bring our society a step forward in finding a sustainable way of life in the future. We believe in progress through future technologies. We want to support bright and innovative young entrepreneurs. With years of experience in management and company development we can help your company to find the success it deserves. Things can and will still be improved in the future. We want to be part of the future.


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Rudolf Günther

Owner & Founder
Rudi Günther (Dipl.-Ing. Univ), founder and owner of Zentipe Innovation AG. He successfully founded and developed several software companies. He is most interested in entrepreneurship, business strategy and business model development.
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Janek Günther

Janek Günther, studied Law and is CEO of Zentipe Innovation.
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Maximilian Günther

Technical advisor
Is studied in Biology and Bioinformatics and is the technical advisor for Zentipe Innovation

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